The Loos Islands, located a few kilometers from the municipality of Kaloum, were the recipients of the telethon donations the Diaka Camara Foundation for Education in Guinea on Saturday October 03, 2020. The donations were distributed to the economically weakened riverside population weakened by the adverse effects of COVID-19.

This important step concerned the islands of Kassa, Sorro, Mangué, Room and Fotoba. Throughout the day the foundation members delivered donations to vulnerable populations consisting of bags of rice, boxes of tomatoes, kilograms of sugars, cans of peanut oils.

After the crossing, the Kassa sub-prefecture was the first step in the distribution of food kits. Pleased with the gesture, the district chief of the island of the sub-prefecture of Kassa Mohamed Lamine Sylla had this to say: “I thank the Diaka Camara Foundation very much, for this positive act that it took today we received 50 bags of rice, kilograms of sugars, cans of peanut oils and boxes of tomatoes. It’s very rare in the islands. We are a population of 16 thousand. There are three inhabited islands Kassa, Fotoba and Room. It is a gift that goes straight into the hearts of the islanders. Because it comes at a very difficult time. This disease has held back everything it has made life impossible, the market difficult, the price of rice as gold. The people are very happy. We’re all poor here. But the level of poverty is not the same,” the district official said.

Mohamed Lamine Camara, a member of Youth 21 (J21), said that the crossing was not easy as he helped the Foundation distribute the food.

According to him, the foundation Diaka Camara conducted field surveys prior to targeting vulnerable households. “The arrival of COVID-19 has really hurt the poorest families.

The women of the island of Sorro expressed their joy:  “We are very happy to have 25 bags of rice, boxes of tomatoes, kilograms of sugars and cans of peanut oil. We pray to God Almighty for Diaka Camara, nights and days as her foundation progresses, may God help us, because, this disease is very scary” says M’mah Soumah.

It should be remembered that this telethon, which began on 18 April and 3 May 2020, raised about nine hundred million Guinean francs (900,000,000fg) and 500 families which has been identified will benefits from it over a 3 months period.

Fondation Diaka Camara