Since the emergence of COVID-19 in Guinea, Ms. Diaka Camara, CEO of CBC Worldwide Communication – Production Company and President of the Diaka Camara Foundation for Education in Guinea, is still coming to the aid of vulnerable families during this time while the coronavirus pandemic still rages.

On this leg distributions were made in the municipalities of Matam, Bonfi, Matoto, Sangoyah, Kissosso and Tombolia to the needy in orphanages and families Saturday, September 26, 2020.

Aicha Soumah, the treasurer of Telethon initiative was overseeing the food distribution kits to needy citizens.

“Today in two of the municipalities Matam and Matoto, about 100 families and an orphanage have received donations of: a 50 kg bag of rice, 5 kg of sugar, a 5-litre can of oil and boxes of tomatoes. Our goal is to help poor families in need during this health crisis that is still raging in the world and in Guinea,” says Aicha Soumah.

According to her, this telethon, which began on 18 April and 3 May 2020, “about nine hundred million Guinean francs (900,000,000 GNF), have been mobilized through this initiative of the Diaka Camara Foundation, which will be used to help 500 families.

On this occasion of giving donations to the needy, the Treasurer once again thanked the media, the. partners and anonymous people who put their hands in their pocket and donated to this humanitarian project during this time of crisis.
Very pleased with the donation of the Diaka Camara Foundation,

Mrs. Bangoura Marie Denise, President of the Kiridiya Orphanage in Matoto one of the benefactors is very pleased: “These gifts which consist of bags of rice, peanut oil, 5 kilos of sugar and boxes of tomatoes will at least a month because here we cooked at least 10 kilos of rice a day.  I thank the foundation very much and especially the founder Diaka Camara, she has been donating to our orphanage since Covid19 started,” the president said.

Ibrahima Cissé, another recipient of the foundation’s donation, lives in Tombolia in a very impoverished neighborhood: “I am very happy with the donation of the Diaka Camara Foundation. I’m relieved. Especially in this time of health crisis. I confess to you that the people of Guinea live in suffering and poverty. And this gesture of the foundation will lessen the suffering for a few days. Helping people who can’t do anything for themselves is a sign of wisdom and humanitarian.”

Source: Zeze Enema Guilavogui for

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