Immeuble Fawaz Coléah 5eme étage Commune de Matam


To promote education in the Republic of Guinea

Building a Library

The “Diaka Camara Foundation“, works for the realization of its project of building a large library-media library in Conakry.

To date, there is no institution anywhere in the city of Conakry that can offer a secure, modern place dedicated to learning and building skills for young people.

In addition to offering physical textbooks, the focus will be on new information and communication technologies, including access to digital books or access via the Internet, to courses offered, by teachers around the world.

In her capacity as ambassador of “Conakry World Book Capital 2017”, Diaka Camara, obtained on behalf of the foundation, the provision of land located in the municipality of Matoto, awarded by the State, to “CCML 2017” for the realization of his project.

The spectacle of the students grouped together to revise under the street lights of the airport car park during the end-of-year exams, is an image that the “Diaka CAMARA Foundation” aims to remove from the landscape of the city of Conakry.