Humanitarian campaign : Diaka Camara Foundation to help 114 households

The campaign to distribute food kits by the Diaka Camara Foundation for Education in Guinea continues. This humanitarian gesture is to the benefit of the populations impacted by COVID-19. On this occasion, the foundation raised more than 900 million Guinean francs in cash and food through a national telethon “Together Against Covid19” to help the needy, beggars and orphans during this pandemic that is still raging in Guinea and around the world.

This humanitarian action to distribute food kits began in April 2020 in the 5 municipalities of Conakry, Coyah ; Forécariah, Dubréka and the Loos Islands.

During this humanitarian campaign, each needy family received a bag of rice, a box of tomato, a can of 5-litre peanut oil and 5 kg of sugar. All of this is made possible by the efforts of Ms. Diaka Camara, CEO of CBC Worldwide Communication – Production Company.

Committed to the battleground of food distribution, the foundation’s technical team provided food to vulnerable families.

The first stage of the distribution of the food kits this Saturday, October 10, began in the Kaloum peninsula, precisely in Coronthie where 30 families received food in the hands of the Diaka Camara Foundation team.

Very pleased with this magnanimous gesture from the foundation, one of the beneficiaries of the donation Hadja Faranata Yéressa congratulated the donor structure headed by Mrs. Diaka Camara : “I am very happy and happy with the donation of the Diaka Camara Foundation. The first thing we pray for is that the Almighty Allah guides her foundation. I am very comforted especially at this time of COVID-19, which continues to destroy our economies. She chose the right time of poverty drawn by the health crisis to help households affected by the pandemic of the century. We received 50 kg bags of rice, sugar, cans of tomatoes and 5-litre cans of peanut oil,” said the recipient lady.

Beyond that, the Diaka Camara Foundation visited the commune of Ratoma for the second stage, specifically in Koloma. In this commune, 34 families benefited from food.

Filled with joy, one of the beneficiaries of this commune Jeannette Teima Koivogui says she is overwhelmed by this gesture which she believes will remain engraved in history.

“I am very overwhelmed and surprised by this gesture. For it is a first to see such a gift again in my life. This disease has severely affected many families especially in these difficult times, of misery, of despair. It is to tell you that this gesture will remain in the annals of history. This is why the Diaka Camara Foundation for Education in Guinea is an example that many structures must emulate for the happiness of citizens in the Republic of Guinea. I implore the divine grace to consolidate his team and the progress of his foundation which is composed of dynamic team very young. And, this gift goes straight to the bottom of my heart. Thank you and thank you Mrs Diaka Camara for this humanitarian act,” she said.

The third and final stage for this distribution operation was the municipality of Dixinn. At this level 50 families received food. Like the other two previous municipalities, the joy was immense for the beneficiaries. For this reason, the families also spoke in gratitude and satisfaction to the Diaka Camara Foundation and all those who contributed to the Telethon.


Fondation Diaka Camara