Christmas party in Conakry : The Diaka Camara Foundation for education at the bedside of orphanages in Guinea.

The Christian faithful of Guinea, like their co-religionists of the world, celebrated the Christmas holiday on Friday, December 25, 2020.

The commemoration of this 2020 Christmas year, marking the birth of the prophet Jesus Christ (JC) of Nazareth, is special. Because it has been marked by economic and social imbalances, caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

On the occasion of this festival, the President of the Diaka Camara Foundation for Education, Ms. Diaka Camara, distributed Christmas gifts and symbolic envelopes in several orphanage centres in the Guinean capital, Conakry in particular, the Voice of the Voiceless Voices, Regina Maris and God is love. These gifts are made up of children’s toys including dolls, airplanes, cars, bags containing kitchen utensils and hair accessories…; as well as coloured pencils, colouring books, sanitary kits and bavettes for the coronavirus response.

As every Christmas, the Diaka Camara Foundation often intervenes in many orphanage centres, also in the schooling of the girl, who is also a preferred line of action by the foundation.

“The Diaka Camara Foundation for Education will do its best to make orphaned and vulnerable children smile. Every Christmas year, fundraisers are raised to make orphaned children happy and comfort them. It is extremely important that these children know that they are not abandoned.  I encourage and congratulate the people who run the orphanages, they are the real heroes, because they are the ones who take care of these children all year round,” said Ms. Diaka Camara.

After the handover, the director of the orphanage centre for the rehabilitation of disabled children, Régina Maris, in the commune of Ratoma, Henriette Boué, stressed, “Today 25 December 2020 is the Christmas party. Anyone thinking about christmas, thinking about the kids. And who thinks about children, thinks about gifts. This is what the Diaka Camara Foundation for Education has done. We will begin to distribute these gifts to children so that they feel happy, comfortable, that they know that they are not abandoned by this foundation.”

Mohamed Bangoura, orphaned by father and mother at the God Is Love orphanage centre in Nongo, Ratoma, is delighted with the Christmas gifts he has received, he has blessed the president of the Diaka Camara Foundation for Education, for his act of sympathy.

This is the same case of gratitude and joy towards the Diaka Camara Foundation for Education, expressed by the orphanage, the voice of the Voiceless in Hafia in the commune of Dixinn, which is also the first step in the distribution of Christmas gifts.


Zeze Enema Guilavogui