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The foundation

The  Diaka Camara ‘s Foundation aims to promote education in the Republic of Guinea, with a special accent on the  the education of young  girls. The Diaka Camara’s Foundation firmly believes that each child deserve the best possible education. We are convinced that education is the fundamental element on which our countries in Africa must build to escape poverty, and it is to that  end that the  Diaka Camara Foundation has decided to bring  its modest contribution to the development of Guinea and  Africa by fighting for each child’s right to an education.

The Diaka Camara Foundation works to promote education and excellence because we are convinced that the  socio-economical development of Guinea  can only be achieved through education. The ultimate goal of the foundation is to raise the literacy rate by making sure that each child gets the opportunity to go to school, girls and boys alike so that they can later on be an asset to the development of our country.  We truly hope to lower the illiteracy rate in Guinea, which is 70 percent, and to contribute to the creation of an elite of excellence in Guinean education.

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