Launch of the Foundation and Reward of 100 students in the municipality of Kaloum for the occasion in 2016

The launch of the ” DIAKA CAMARA FOUNDATION ” was held on December 23, 2016 at the Kaloum Blue Zone. One hundred young people from the commune of Kaloum received gifts for the occasion : 25 of the best from Boulbinet’s deaf and dumb primary school , 25 from the 2 October high school, and finally 50 from Boulbinet colleges. The hundred recipients each received backpacks filled with school effects including, among others, notebooks, pencils, pens, colored markers, paint box for primaries as well as mathematical toolkits and binders. and Larousse dictionaries for higher level students.
In addition, other donors such as the Prima and Mini Moms have come forward through various gifts, smartphones, laptops and business training courses during school holidays.