Immeuble Fawaz Coléah 5eme étage Commune de Matam

Day: December 11, 2019

To promote education in the Republic of Guinea

Donations to the association ” Les Handicapables ” Kagbelen in 2018

The Diaka Camara Foundation went to the headquarters of the association “Les Handicapables” in Kagbelen, for a donation to disabled people who are members of this association. For the occasion, mattresses, sheets and pillows were offered. The beneficiaries expressed their joys by thanking the Foundation for its partners and all the people who made this…
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Donations to the ‘ God is love’ orphanage – Nongo 2018

The Diaka Camara Foundation organized a second remittance of donations in favor of the “God is love” orphanage in Nongo. This orphanage receives a donation of mattresses, sheets and pillows. The leaders of the orphanage reiterated their joy at this gesture, and thank the foundation and all the donors for their various contributions.

December-2017 Donation ceremony at the ‘ Akuna Matata ‘ orphanage – Sonfonia December-2017 : Donation ceremony at the ‘ Akuna Matata ‘ orphanage – Sonfonia

The Diaka Camara Foundation has invested in the “Akuna Matata” orphanage of Sonfonia. Donations were made in the orphanage, beds, mattresses, food, clothes, toys and school kits were given to the orphans. The orphanage officials say they are satisfied and touched by this gesture, and thank the foundation and all of the donors.

The Diaka Camara Foundation for Education Support Conakry World Book Capital April -May 2017

During the preparations for Conakry World Book Capital, The Diaka Camara Foundation had the honor of participating in the organization meeting of this great event which will be a first in Guinea. The NGO being an organization for the promotion of education, participating in this literary meeting is a legitimate act and is part of…
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Fundraising for the surgery of triplets suffering from the disease ” hare beak ” in 2016

The Diaka Camara Foundation actively contributed to the medical evacuation on Conakry of three children suffering from the disease “Harebone”. The surgery took place in the Donka hospital center and was a real success. Doctor Karamba Kaba, who carried out this intervention, is head of the plastic and repair surgery department at the Donka University…
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Support for Maximum Events for sponsoring the 3 rd edition of a school competition in Mars 2016

The school group Lyhnaso received on Sunday 20 Mars 2016 Diaka Camara foundation that contributed to the sponsorship of the 3 rd edition of a school competition organized by Maximum Events to which 12 schools participated. The Foundation donated backpacks filled with school materials to all the finalists and a laptop for the winner of this edition. A…
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Lunch at Mlyss Hotel Almamya in 2016

As a partner of the foundation, the MLYSS organized a luncheon for all the students and their supervisors during which the various laureates took the opportunity to thank Diaka and her foundation for her initiative in their places. Also, Mr. Aliou Camara, a member of the foundation and technical assistant of the Minister of Finance,…
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Launch of the Foundation and Reward of 100 students in the municipality of Kaloum for the occasion in 2016

The launch of the ” DIAKA CAMARA FOUNDATION ” was held on December 23, 2016 at the Kaloum Blue Zone. One hundred young people from the commune of Kaloum received gifts for the occasion : 25 of the best from Boulbinet’s deaf and dumb primary school , 25 from the 2 October high school, and…
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